Haul It Disposal and Recycling Service

Our Mission Statement

To ensure the highest level of quality at fair and competitive pricing to ensure the longevity of our company, we learned in the early stages of our company’s development that we must hold Haul. It keeps the highest standard as it’s a very competitive industry. Work ethic is critical: therefore, we maintain professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness with customers service. Repeat customers and referrals are a proven achievement as we provide the highest quality construction. We believe in the shared values that are a result of customer service. We at Jericho Construction take pride in knowing our clients, their needs, and how they operate as an organization and family.


Suppose you are looking to make space for your new property. Haul It has your “Demo” covered. We clear out your unwanted structures and dispose of them in an organized way. With our Proper Equipment, we can dispose of almost anything promptly.

Complete Restorations

Sometimes accidents can happen, and you are subject to natural disasters, accidents, or side effects of old construction materials. Every property deserves a second chance. Haul It is an expert at restoring damaged buildings if necessary, followed by the perseverance of its older brother Jericho Inc.

Need you to need to get rid of some junk?

Haul It Disposal and Recycle Services Go Green

Haul It Disposal and Recycle Services has established minimum enclosure dimensions and service guidelines to ensure safe service to existing and prospective customers. Our Commercial and Residential Trash & Recycling Guidelines provide detailed information about the required enclosure dimensions, container specifications, and construction requirements.

Multi-Family Apartments and Gated Communities